Diode Is an electronic device with two electrodes, as either an electron tube with an anode and a cathode or a transistor with a PN junction, used mainly as a rectifier since it conducts current in only one direction.

It is commonly used in a bridge form to convert AC voltage to DC Voltage (See drawing A). 


A diode bridge can additionally be used to ensure that the polarity of the bridge output remains the same regardless of the battery polarity. (See drawing B). 


At times, the diode can be connected in parallel to the relay coil for the purpose of  grounding spikes (rV/rt) (See drawing C).



Description and SKU#

Price 1-10




Diode 1N914 Or 1N4148, 100mA/50V PIV 










Diode 1N4007, 1A/700V PIV 










Diode 1N5406, 3A/600V PIV