Terminal blocks


All terminal blocks (TB) are in stock. Choose from our biggest variety of terminal blocks and connectors. Good news for the hundreds who call about the "Molex Industrial group" line of products. Yes, we carry the flagship terminal blocks by MOLEX TM Industrial Group (was Beau Inc).


In-house added value services:

  • 24 hour turn around. Buy it today get it tomorrow. 

  • Custom PCB boards. Just send us your schematics and let our team of engineers build it.

  • Assembly capabilities.

Minimum order:




How to  order terminal blocks:


E-mail us at sales@eidusa.com with EID's terminal block part number (p#), or with Molex part number and we'll promptly provide you with quote. Or contact our sales or customer service department at 704-366-4357. Please state P# and quantities on the e-mail subject line.



"Classic" - 5.08mm ( .20") pitch spacing - modular - low profile - terminal blocks:

  • Molex Part No. 39880030X

  • EID Part No. EID-39880030X

  • X = number of positions (circuits)  i.e. 2, 3, 4... 

Thousands in stock of each part number. Choose from 2, 3 and 4 positions terminal blocks. (color black).


Don't let your distributor tell you 6 to 8 weeks, just give us a call or drop us a line at sales@eidusa.com, and we will ship them directly to you. And if this is not enough, our pricing is better than ever, as shown below (picture) starting at $0.24 (1-10 pc.) and $0.15 (10-99pc.) Compare with $0.39 and up (999-1Kpc.) from other distributors.


If you are you looking for an A+ stocking distributor, with best pricing, best service, top quality terminal blocks form the giant Molex-- call us, 704-366-HELP (4357). 





To "Classic" Products


2 Position (circuits) picture. Shown above (front side and top view)






EID-398800303 drawings (Shown above 3 positions)



Features and Benefits:

  • 2, 3 and 4 circuits in stock.

  • Low profile

  • High reliability rising clamp

  • Modularity

  • Captive screw

  • Manufacture to VDE standards

  • Available in blocks of 2, 3 and 4 positions, which allow any configuration to be assembled with minimum inventory.





  • Voltage up to 250V

  • Maximum current: 13.5Amp

  • Insulation resistance: >5,000 Mega-ohms

  • Mechanical:

  • Rec. Tightening Torque: 7in.lbs, .79Nm

  • Operating Temperature: 110C

  • Wire Strip Length: 0.2"/0.24" or 5/6mm


  • Housing: polyamide 94V-0, Black

  • Screws: 3mm Copper Alloy

  • Screw platting: Nickel

  • Cage Clamp: Copper alloy

  • Cage Clamp plating: Copper Nickel

  • Pins: Copper Alloy

  • Pin Plating: Tin

  • Wire Range: 14 to 30 AWG, 1.5 to 0.2mm^2


Reference information:


UL:    File E 167473

CSA:  File LR 102896

VDE:  Reg. N. 5659 UG