All Enclosures are in stock. Choose from Die-cast Aluminum, Plastic and Metal enclosures. We can cut, mill and drill them for you to any size and shape. Good news for the hundreds who call about the "Hammond Manufacturing" line of products! Yes, we carry the flagship racks, aluminum, plastic and metal enclosures by Hammond Manufacturing TM Electronics Group.


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New, recommended for your new line of products, utilizing our OEM interface board



In-house added value services:

  • 24 hour turn around milling and drilling. 

  • Enclosure Design. Just send us your schematics and let our team of engineers mold to your specifications.

  • Custom CNC cuts available for racks and enclosures bought from us.

  • Pad printing up to 3" * 2" in size, variety of colors.

  • Assembly capabilities.

Enclosure high-end materials:

  • ABS

  • Translucent Polycarbonate

  • Polystyrene (Economical)

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

Minimum order:




New, free shipping! (US only) for any enclosure order above $600 


How to  order enclosures:


E-mail us at sales@eidusa.com with EID's enclosure part number (p#), and we'll promptly provide you with quote. Or contact our sales or customer service department (704) 366-HELP. Please state P# and quantities on the e-mail subject line.


Watertight - Light Duty ABS Plastic Sloped InstrumentPlastic Instrument - Flame Retardant ABS Aluminum Instrument