Thermistor interface kit


This kit allows you to power and measure NTC termistor resistance as function of temperature, utilizing the Steinhart-Hart thermistor equation. The kit designed to perform accurate  thermistor temperature readings.




Kit Includes

  • 7809                  Voltage Regulator   1pc.

  • 0.1MF                 Capacitor              1pc.

  • 47MF                  Capacitor              1pc.

  • 100MF                Capacitor              1pc.

  • 100 Ohms            Resistor                2pc.

  • 2.2K Ohms           Resistor                2pc.

  • 4.3K Ohms           Resistor                2pc.

  • 10K Ohms 1/%      Resistor                2pc.

  • 2K Ohms              Tirmmer                2pc.

  • 2.2K Ohms           Resistor                2pc.

  • Red                    LED                      1pc.

  • 1N4001               Diode                    4pc.

  • LM358-2.5           Zener Diode           1pc.

  • 10K @25C           Thermistor             1pc. 

  • 2P Terminal Block  Connector             3pc. 

  • PCB                                               1pc.


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SENSER - SS Temperature Sensor (TM10) With 10K Thermistor



Calculating the thermistor temperature


The thermistor resistance (R) should be obtained from the following formula:


Where V_out is the output voltage of the board;


R = 10K * { (2V / Vout) -1}

After finding the resistance (R) of the thermistor, all that's left to do is to plug it into the Steinhart-Hart thermistor equation (see below) and get the current temperature.


The Steinhart-Hart thermistor equation is derived from mathematical curve-fitting techniques and examination of the resistance versus temperature characteristics of thermistor devices.


Where T is the temperature in Kelvin (note: 0C = 273.15K), and A, B, and C are constant factors for the thermistor that is being molded.


Steinhart-Hart Equation:


T = 1 / {A + B[ln(R)] + C[ln(R)]^3}

A = 0.001129148 

B = 0.000234125 

C = 8.76741E-08

Please be advised, the coefficients A, B, and C are constant factors of the individual thermistor. The above coefficients are given for 10K @ 25C thermistor from Betatherm , Inc. MA, USA.


Finally, to convert the result from Kelvin to degree Centigrade or Fahrenheit use the following formulas:


C = K 273.15


F = C * 1.8 + 32





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Thermistor interface Kit

EID-K-THR-INTF-10K-ASM Fully assembled







SENSER-TM10 General purpose SS sensor with 10K thermistor