VARISCENETM Line of products--


Industrial TCP/IP Linux ARM base controllers. Control via the web...Both AC and DC applications.


Build-in web server on any module, control from any PC, tablet, smart-phone...


Don't overpay for your controllers HMI, PLC and drivers. Embedded-Win, BSD or Linux inside!


We offers a wide range of small form factor ARM base computers for industrial avionics and military applications. let us match your application needs.


The VERISCENE™ Line of products -Industrial small form factor ARM Computer designed for automation and control Ethernet TCP/IP and Web technologies.


The VERISCENE™ Line of products  are a powerful Linux base PLC like board with a built-in HMI Operator Panel, comprising a verity of color touchscreen display. On-board I/Os; Plug-in I/O Modules come in several configurations. I/O Expansion modules enable integrating up to billion I/Os per VERISCENE brain. 


Key Features:

  • Wide variety of ARM processor.

  • Custom enclosures with almost unlimited I/O configurations.

  • Both 50HZ/60Hz and 400Hz "wild-frequencies" AC and DC power supply.

  • PIVOT-CONTROLSTM Motor Management System (PC-MMS) Advanced motor management system for critical processes.

  • Rich range of embedded features such as multiple Servos motor, PID loops, and internal 3G data table for data logging.

  • Communication include TCP/IP Ethernet. Additional an optional old protocols such as RS485,  RS232, MODBUS, SPI BUS,I2C BUS and CANopen.

  • Networking and custom remote access for data acquisition and program download.

To see how VARISCENE technology can fit in you application, call (704) 366-HELP (4357) or drop us a line at



Shown above VARISCENETM for TCP/IP Fast Ethernet HMI & 33 PID motors control module


Shown above VARISCENETM for CMSNCTM TCP/IP Fast Ethernet 12VDC, 24VDC and 28VDC control module



VariScene TM - custom Software


VariScene custom Embedded-win, Linux or BSD Software package comes preinstalled on all products.


VariScene TM - RGB-WW LED-Custom-Light-Fixtures




To see how VARISCENE technology can fit in you application call (704) 366-HELP (4357)