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Ask Dr. Lab.:
How to install two PROBER's on one PC

Dear Dr. Lab.


My lab Manager would like to know if there is any way I can connect two units  (PROBER-PH8) to my computer. His computer is running Win98 and has the following setup P2-350MZ, 32M of RAM, 2.1G HD and two free external RS232 communication ports?


Dear Dr. Hendler,


If you have PROBER-PH8 software version 2.0 or later, the answer is absolutely. Simply connect your PROBER's to the corresponding COM ports (i.e. COM1 and COM2) on your computer. Power both PROBERs (see on pages 9-11 of the Operation Manual). Now to the easy part ("Plug and Play"). Install your software (see on page 13 of the Operation Manual) twice. While installing the second PROBER (using the setup program) when asked to choose destination location choose a different location than the one you chose for the first PROBER (default location is  C:\Program Files\EID) i.e.  you can choose for the second PROBER C:\Program Files\EID2. 

Please note: while you are logging to file you measurements, unless you give the files different names, each will be saved in the chosen directory (C:\Program Files\EID and C:\Program Files\EID2)

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