MEET HI-FIVER. The fun and easy sequence LED kit, that shifts LED light from finger to finger!


Our FIVER - P5 has many applications; Teach your children how to count to five! Draw attention and a smile. Press the push button five times and trigger your hobby rocket, etc. The unique small design will allow you to mount it almost anywhere. Operate it with 9V battery, 12V car battery, four 1.5V batteries, or via one of our battery simulator kits. The alternative uses are endless. It’s designed for the beginner as well as the expert. Please drop us a line at and let us know how you and your kids use your FIVERS!


Do It Yourself (DIY) and enjoy your kit!



Kit Includes

  • 2N2222A           Transistor       1pc.

  • CD4017             IC                 1pc.

  • 1K Ohms           Resistor          2pc.

  • 22uF/25v          Capacitor        1pc.

  • 100pF/25v         Capacitor        1pc.  (option)

  • Red                  LED               5pc.

  • 9V battery clips  Connector      1pc. (option)

  • Switch                                  1pc. (option)

  • PCB                                      1pc.




MEET HI-FIVER-P. Our finger-counting LEDs kit is based on “10 bit counter.” Using the push button switch as a clock generator consequently increases the 10 bit counter by one, therefore lighting the next LED. Since we wire pin 5 to the counter RST (reset) pin (pin 15), when the counter reaches the fifth position it automatically goes back to the first position when next button is pressed. i.e. lights the first-finger LED...


We use a NPN transistor, together with an RC circuit, to de-bounce the push button switch. This basic kit can work with many conventional NPN transistors i.e. 2N3904, 2N4401, 2N2222, etc.


RLX resistor determines the 5 LEDs brightness and limits the current flow to about 10 to 15mA when running between 9V to 12 VDC.


The HI-FIVER flash running rate is determined by the push button press rate. 


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EID-K-HI-FIVER-M-ASM Fully assembled